Alain Marquis

Alain Marquis – Borne from Queen Carmilla’s only blood sister he remains her heir and Blood Prince in the Vampire Nation. Since birth the boy was loved by the Queen herself – unable to give birth to her own children she treated him as her own. Since before her pregnancy, Princess Gwen (his mother) was sick with madness of the heart. She hated her life as vampire and blamed her sister for cursing them as such. Highly religious and thought herself damned she attempted suicide a number of times throughout vampire life. Determined to have an heir and child in her madness, Carmilla begged her sister to give this to her. In a time of reconciliation she agreed and after a male of her own choosing they bed and conceived a child. What started as a lovely heart felt affair soon soured into her madness once more. As the birth approached she once again refused blood and tried to starve herself and the child. She was subdued to a half slumber so they could feed and sustain them.

Once the birth came an onslaught of pain and terror commenced as the unwilling mother gave birth to what she thought was the devil himself. He was born straight in his aunt’s arms who was the only one who cried with happiness. The father had gone and ran away in terror at what the mother had endured. He was caught and killed for his cowardice, something that would never reach his son. 

Days later Princess Gwen died, having never held her own son. In Carmilla’s pain, though she missed her sister dearly and now sorely alone with no more siblings – she held onto her only living blood relative that remained – dearest Alain.

Character’s name: Alain Marquis

Role in story:  Blood Prince from the Vampire Nation in Élan – Son of Song

Physical description: ‘Before me, as tall and great as Queen Carmilla, stood her blonde equal. A man with fine features, long and straight icy blonde hair that fell past his shoulders. His eyes, a bright red to match Carmilla’s. He wore a long coat of red velvet and long leather boots. He leaned casually against the door, his arms crossed. A lazy smile played on his delectable lips.’

MBTI Personality Type:  ISFJ

What is his greatest fear?  Letting down or betraying his Aunt

What is his misbelief about the world? That if his aunt is happy – he is achieving his purpose

What is his agenda? To come into his own as the Blood Prince, be aware of what that means for his species.

Top three things he/she values most in life?  His aunt, Enkil and Élan (recent), his people

Book he is featured in…

Elan book cover

He is related to...

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