Azalea Avery is Élan’s mother and famous for her gardening and healing abilities. As a young faeling, she was enslaved by her cruel father – the legendary Diafol. 

That was until she met Maurice and fell in love. Together they moved (or escaped?) to Brimhaven where they married and had Rolo and Elan. 

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Character’s name: Azalea

Role in story: Élan’s Mother in Élan – Son of Song

Physical description: ‘She glowed with something more physical than pride and bloomed like the sunflowers. She wore her hair long in fine strands of light green that shimmered in the sun. Her eyes, a warm brown that my brother inherited. Her frame, long and thin but strong like a mighty stalk. The embodiment of a flower and her namesake, Azalea. She wore thin flowy clothing as did many wives of the fae village. Nothing of fashion reached the borders of our secret little haven and we liked it that way.’

MBTI Personality Type: INTJ  

What is his/her greatest fear?  Being trapped/ repressed

What is her misbelief about the world? Her father is invincible 

What is his/her agenda? To raise her faelings without the restrictions and repression she went through

Book she is featured in…

Elan book cover

She is related to...

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