Queen Carmilla

Queen Carmilla is a regnant queen that owns half of the territory in the Vampire Nation. She shares it with Dracula. It split many years ago due to difference in beliefs and culture. In order to thrive peacefully, they agreed to share their territory in an even divide.

Carmilla herself is a protective but controlling figure. She believes in change and movement in order to ensures vampirism survives. If the species does not change with the others, they will fade and fall to ruin.

Very little is known about her past other than she was controlled a lot with little freedom and fought her way to the top – and continues to hold herself very strongly to stay there. Unable to mother children herself, Carmilla covets her beloved nephew, Alain whom she crowned the ‘Blood Prince.’ 

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Character’s name: Queen Carmilla

Role in story:  Queen and leader to the vampire territory that Élan goes to in Élan – Son of Song

Physical description: ‘Slowly the few vampires that had restricted my view parted, revealing a goddess in red. From her hair, her eyes, lips to her dress was a bright red. A scarlet red that put all other shades to shame. Her eyes the brightest I had ever seen. Slowly as she drew nearer, I realised that the silence was necessary, for the power she had, burned off her like a flame.’

MBTI Personality Type:  ENTJ

Backstory:  Earned her way up the ranks by learning and adapting – something she believes will help vampires continue in the future.

What is her greatest fear?  Not being wanted or needed, being trapped by males

What is her misbelief about the world? That only when she wields full control will she be happy and remain happy and successful

What is his/her agenda? To protect and keep the vampire species thrive despite their struggles (more to be detailed soon!)

Top three things he/she values most in life?  Alain, Enkil and her society – she feels she is the mother of them all.

Book she is featured in…

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