Élan Avery

Élan Avery is the main character in the book. As a young faeling, he was tricked into slavery by his cruel grandfather – the legendary Diafol. 

Faced by new creatures of different magick and sensations, Élan is surrounded by predators in the Vampire Nation.

To survive, he is to uncover the lies of his past, in order to save his future.

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Role in story:  Main Character in Élan – Son of Song

Physical description: Light, short, fluffy black hair, bright green eyes

MBTI/Enneagram Personality Type: ISFP


What is his greatest fear?  Disappointing his family

Inner motivation: Wanting to explore the world and make music

Kryptonite: His trust in people

What is the best thing in his life? His music

What is the worst thing in his life? Feeling trapped or repressed

What makes his heart feel alive? Singing stories of old faerie folklore, sharing the magick and spirit with others

What makes him feel loved? People listening to him sing

Top three things he values most in life?   Music, friends and family


What’s his favourite book, movie, and band? He loves anything with romance in and enjoys vampire songs

Describe a typical outfit for him from top to bottom. Loose shirt and cropped trousers for the faefields, bare feet or an outfit/costume from his music concerts

What names or nicknames has he been called throughout their life? Rolo/ Enkil calls him Sprite, Birdie was his name by Merlough 

What is his method of manipulation? Flattery and politeness – not very pushy though

Their go-to cure for a bad day? Singing or baking


How is Élan dissatisfied with his life? 

Wanderlust, determined to use his music beyond the borders of Brimhaven, wanting to find his place in the world.

What does Élan believe will bring him true happiness or contentment? 

Doing what his grandfather wishes – which he believes is for his best interest and follow his own dreams.

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