I’m an aspiring writer! Do you have any advice for me?

Go for it! Write and write. This was the only way I ever learnt and got better at what I do. I wrote my first short fiction around 2010 and I haven’t stopped since! Try to break it down into small stages and celebrate the little things. For a long while, in the beginning it was just Alex and her writing. And so it should be – enjoy it and have fun! The rest will become a bonus.

If you want to know more Alex is happy to help, feel free to contact her here.

Are you available to read / review my book?

As an avid reader and beta reader, Alex is a member of many groups on facebook and instragram. We cannot promise anything but please feel free to contact her on the About Alex page if you wish to contact her.

When did you start writing?

As mentioned in the first answer, Alex started writing back in 2010 when she was at college. During her Art courses, she would illustrate her characters and then write their backstories at the same time. She started by posting these on random online forums that specialised in M/M (Male x Male/ Gay) romance. Soon she grew enough confidence to self publishing her first book in 2016. Since then she has continued to write about the characters featured on this website.

Are you looking for betas?

As Alex’s writing continues to grow – so does her beta list! Alex adores her betas and would love to have you on board. If you have seen something ‘In progress’ that you are particularly interested in please let her know here! Please note – Alex does not pay for her beta readers.

Why do you self publish?

Its purely down to personal choice. Alex’s day job is not being an author. This is purely a passion project/life dedicated hobby. It is her personal choice to be that way and to be in control in all aspects of the publish process when it comes to her books and characters. There are many pros and cons to each but she has found this is what works best for her and her lifestyle.

Still have questions? Lets get in touch!

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