Luka Vatican


Luka Vatican is at the prime of his life having political influences in one of the largest capitals in the world. With power comes riches, he soon falls into an obsession with blonde fae males, risking his immaculate image.

In the ebook – Vatican, he meets a young fae that changes his lifestyle.

Character’s name: Luka Vatican (Originally, Mauchen)

Role in story:  Main character in Vatican

Physical description:  Long straight black hair, pale blue eyes,

Birthday: 14th March

MBTI/Enneagram Personality Type: ENTJ

What is his greatest fear?  Losing all his money

Inner motivation: To prove his father wrong, he isn’t useless or worthless.

Lesson he needs to learn: Work/ Money isn’t everything

What does he most often look down on people for?  Being poor

What makes his heart feel alive?  Racing his sports cars

Biggest Accomplishment/Best Known for: Youngest representative of the Left wing government of Pixies

What is his method of manipulation? Silent treatment, exploiting weaknesses, yelling or condescending comments

Favourite Book: The Rites of the Horde (a pixie publication)

Hands: Large, long nails

Favourite Subjects (School): History

Reputations: Hard worker, persuasive from 16 onwards to change the way things were run in Pixie Province

Military Past: Trained after school from 14-16, qualified as a expert trainer in Military procedures.

How they Talk/Speech Pattern (Diction, Tone, Speech, and Pitch): Deep voice with strong Hasser accent

Public Persona: Confident, proud and intelligent

Attitude Towards Politics: Left wing of the Government of Pixies

Father: Elgar Mauchen

Profession: Head office Manager of the Department of Law in Augenblick (was)
Family History: My grandfather on my mothers side was my inspiration. A great man with sensational ideas of how the government should be run. I aspired to achieve his goals.

Book he is featured in…

Vatican cover

He is related to...

Freya – Coming soon
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