Mari Rowe


Mari Rowe has been a fae-slave all his life. Numbed by the emotional and physical toll that life has thrown at him. A new customer gets his master all shaken and he is thrust into the dynamic world of the Pixie Capital.

He grew up in ‘The Pits,’ a slum area of the Pixie Province and know little else. He has no family connections and has had to make it on his own. Meeting Luka Vatican offers his life a classic ‘rags to riches’ story where he learns his true value and tries to heal from his past.

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Character’s name: Mari Rowe

Role in story: Main character in Vatican 

Physical description: Large hazel eyes, short fluffy white hair, short skinny physique. Likes eboy clothing.

MBTI/Enneagram Personality Type: ISFP, artistic, considerate, sensitive

What is his greatest fear?  Being rejected by Luka

Inner motivation: To be seen as Luka’s equal and be good enough to be by his side.

Kryptonite: Pixie Dust – PTSD

Lesson he needs to learn: His own esteem and value not based on someone else’s opinion

Top three things he values most in life? Luka, his friends and his job (which comes later after the book).

What is his method of manipulation? Flirting and seduction

Book he is featured in…

Vatican cover
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