Élan Paperback (*with signed bookplate)

Élan Paperback (*with signed bookplate)


Élan Paperback Book

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Élan Avery knew he was different.

Although born in the peaceful faerie fields of sunshine and farmland, his parents were strangely protective of him. Comforted by the songs and stories of his kin, Élan’s magick and music unfolds, casting a dark shadow of fate over his childhood.

Everything changes when he is visited by his grandfather, his fame borne of legends in magick and mystery.

Lured by his faeling curiosity, Élan is tricked into fae slavery and thrust far south into the dark world of the vampire court, where he is surrounded by predators and new creatures of different magick.

To save his future, he must uncover the lies of his past.
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Lut-Par Saga



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5" x 8"


Coming of age, Dark fairytale Fantasy

3 reviews for Élan Paperback (*with signed bookplate)

  1. Christine H


    When a world is created with both vampires, faeries, and an abundance of fantasy creatures, you have a recipe for an epic high fantasy book. Elan is the first book in the series and Wolf’s writing promises more excellent stories in the future.

    Elan is a faerie with magick linked to nature and the faerie lands around him. He is young, innocent, musical, and full of wonder. He is easily tricked by his grandfather into fae slavery to a vampire named Merlough. Elan’s life changes drastically as he lives with Merlough and is constantly under duress and surrounded by predators.

    This dark fantasy is intensely intriguing, the world-building is phenomenal, and the creativity that went into this novel is beyond magical. I found the mix of cultures from each supernatural creature and district blend together in a way that is progressive in some areas and oppressive in others.

    I recommend Elan to anyone who loves supernatural fantasy, dark story elements, and the ever-present blood lust of vampires. I believe Alex wolf is an author on the rise and one to watch. She puts everything into her writing and it is going to take her amazing places.

  2. Victoria Wren

    I was lucky enough to be given this ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    Thank you Alex, for allowing me to ARC read this gem for you, it was truly a pleasure. This is Alex’s debut fantasy, and Elan: Son of Song did not disappoint. I went in not knowing what to expect, but by about 30% I was hooked, and compelled to keep reading. Alex has created a new, magical world, mixing vampire and fae, and this tale of a boy, called Elan, a boy gifted with magic who is sold into blood slavery by his grandfather. At times it was hard to read, tear-jerking and tragic, but I absolutely had to know what happened to him. The characters Alex has created are memorable, realistic and I could see them in my mind.
    I’m not going to spoil this, buy it and read it! I cannot wait for the next book!

  3. M.H.Woodscourt

    Alex Wolf pens a beautiful, eerie world, blending fairies and vampires in the same magical world, and adding rock music to the mix (I love the band to whom this novel is dedicated, and adored imagining the music throughout). I’ve never read anything like this before in my fantasy ventures, and I welcomed the unique opportunity to dive into an uncharted world.

    I should preface by stating that Dark Fantasy isn’t my usual cup of tea, so some of the elements within Elan were a tad jarring for me. Not to say that’s a bad thing. Fans of this particular sub-genre are in for a treat, especially those who adore vampires. Elan is an innocent youth caught in a complex and horrible situation through his family ties, and his circumstances are heartbreaking. No spoilers here, so I won’t say more on that.

    The writing style is compelling. Though a few scenes felt a bit vague, I kept up with the action well enough. The pacing slows now and then, but that’s not an issue for me. I love character-driven narratives. In all, a satisfying and imaginative debut novel!

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