The Prince’s Beast Hardcover (*with signed bookplate)

The Prince’s Beast Hardcover (*with signed bookplate)


The Prince’s Beast Hardcover 

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Dark fae who harnessed chaos magick had been wiped from the land – or so it was thought. No one knew Faerie Prince Nova and his kingdom of Isla existed, until he broke the spell that was hiding them.


With a cursed father and a mother who sacrificed herself to save her kingdom, Prince Nova has learnt to hide his chaos abilities in order to protect his kin.


Meanwhile Enkil, a pixie who was rejected at birth and adopted by the vampire Queen Carmilla, has always had a different perspective. He enjoys the freedom of his status while having no responsibility.
When the two meet, they clash despite their sparks of attraction. Nova is stiff and guarded while Enkil is arrogant and wild. Nova is unsettled to feel his chaos reacting to this…beast. And soon Enkil discovers Nova’s secret.


As they grow closer, can Nova trust Enkil not to betray him?
And who will Enkil choose when the secret comes between Nova and Carmilla (and threatens the safety of the kingdom?)


The Prince’s Beast is an epic fantasy romance with a queer twist. If you like a hate to love romance with steamy scenes, devious vampires and plenty of tension, you will fall for this dramatic, sensual story with its lesson on being true to yourself and being accepted for who you are.

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Lut-Par Saga

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5.5" x 8.5"


Queer romance, Gay Romance, Fantasy Romance

1 review for The Prince’s Beast Hardcover (*with signed bookplate)

  1. V Neaves

    The Prince’s Beast is set in the same fantasy world Alex created with her debut YA novel Elan: A son of Song, a world of magic, mystery, pixies and vampires. But this novel, which includes some reference to the debut, is a far more adult story focusing on Enkil, a pixie adopted and raised by vampires, who brazenly walks into the life of Prince Nova, a faerie who has learned to hide his dark magic.
    Their relationship soon gets pretty steamy and I would give this a high heat rating, as the two bond, grow closer and learn to love and accept one another.
    If you love fantasy world building, magic with a huge dose of steam thrown in between two wonderfully crafted characters, and LGBQT representation then you will love this book. I can’t wait to see where Alex takes this world next.

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